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Traces of Love

Traces of love

Forces of time 

Scratches of elation 

fossilising light 

Drink deep from this cup of uncertainty

for the stage overflows 



of infinite etchings, scripts and dramas

of both rapture and sublimity 

Colliding Particles

Trembling icing sugar
and corn flour in brevity
defying the all pervading 
Splashes and stains of squirting lime 
dusty kitchen shelves 
creating time
Why is it that we cannot really fathom
Space and time  
in constant oscillation? 


Liquid methane on Titan
reflecting the Sun
Spectacular and at ease 
for the day has begun

How soothing is the Sun
appearing day in, day out 
on horizons of infinite bodies, 
like rolled out marbles, 
catch the glint of this burning light source
a game in which each body has its own temporal course

Otherwise wrapped in the pitch 
darkness of sleep 
This empty stage of space 
so endlessly vast
exists solely for the theatre of a human cast
Surely Not!

Saturn's tilt is not yet understood 
how then to measure the giant's hold, on its moons?
The final orbit inside its rings revealed nothing solid 
just big empty clouds 
hot and torrid.



The long shadows of dreams 
move like slow deep wells 
Skimming flattened surfaces
Willing the tenebrous accomplices
to go on ahead
To create a definition 
of the mist and disposition

Heading 1

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