Vinita Khanna works deploys a language of visual force across disciplines, including sculpture, painting, installation, collage and photography. She studied fine art at Hoch Schule in Zurich as well as St Martins and Goldsmiths College in London. Her work has been exhibited in institutions, art galleries and other non-traditional gathering places internationally since the 1990’s, notably at Ikon Gallery, British Council, the United Nations, the V&A, Tate Modern as well as at the Science Museum and the Royal Institute in London.

Her long standing interest in philosophy (namely Advaita Vedanta), cosmology and the environment has led her to a meditative practice as a visual artist. The themes in her work, speak in a poetic sense of the human as body/mind experience and question how this relates to the wider cosmos.

Her research has led to collaborate with scientist and environmentalists. She has more recently developed art work which, often through an interactive process, conveys the urgency of the environmental destruction. Her introspective drawing and sculptural work, made of a variety of often discarded materials, point to the confusion of our value systems that have lead us to confine ourselves in ultimately destructive systems. 

Artist Statement:

‘How much of perception is based on what we know already rather than an actual sensory encounter? The surprise, which is part of the latter, can lead to absurd yet enlightening connections between perceived reality and the meanings of its materiality. I am concerned with the possibilities that are available through the physical, that is, the latent power of matter. Is there something within the matter itself which permits recognition to take place and where does human perception really transpire?’ - Vinita Khanna

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Vinita Khanna